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Come for the food. Stay for the friendships.

Kinza connects locals over small-group dinners.


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Hosts organize intimate evenings
featuring their specialty dishes.

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Savour supper and swap stories.
Meeting up just got better!

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You can get along with people that you’ve never met. You don’t know what each other does… there’s no attitude... just a new person to explore and meet. I have to say, the experience is freeing... and a little addictive! 

Laird, Guest

Let's break bread together and share stories. This will reunite neighbours, co-workers, gym members – the people that you see every day, but you only say "hi" to.

Hector, Host

One shouldn't expect a restaurant or a catering experience. Kinza is ten times better than that – a genuine dining experience with extremely interesting individuals. 

Raz, Guest

...The best thing were the good vibes that one could feel during the cozy dinner, the great stories that the host shared and all the interesting conversations that took place during the event.

Rebecca, Guest

Not only did I get the chance to meet some interesting folks from the start-up community, but also enjoyed a delicious, original meal. Would highly recommend for anyone looking to shake up their routine or diversify their circle.

Ishani, Guest

The atmosphere is naturally very welcoming and being in the host's home made the experience feel more comfortable. There was never a quiet moment with lots of friendly debates, stories, and ideas being shared. 

Chanel, Guest