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Bombay Street Food by Gautam
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Papdi Chaat
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Bombay Street Food by Gautam

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Meet your host!*

"I am a consultant by profession and a cook by passion... While I was always a foodie, my passion for cooking ignited when we were living in Australia, inspired by the diverse cuisines we found there. I believe my strongest suit is Indian food, especially street food from Bombay, where both of us grew up, but I still experiment with different cuisines from time to time.
My wife and I love to travel, and having lived in India and Australia in past lives, we now call Toronto home. We love hosting dinners and enjoy meeting new people over a meal we have cooked, as it lets us share our love for cooking (and also finding out if we are any good at it!)"

Location: Downtown, Toronto - Near Fleet and Fort York (Harbourfront)**

The Experience: During this amazing authentic event Gautam and his wife will be serving Indian Chaat, a taste of Bombay street food:***

  • 1st Course - Papdi Chaat: Flour crisps topped with yogurt, potatoes, black chickpeas, diced onions & spices
  • 2nd Course - Ragda Patties: Potato patties topped with curried white peas, sweet-sour date and tamarind chutney, spicy coriander-mint sauce, crisp noodles and diced onions
  • Dessert - Kheer: Milk-based dessert, served on festivals

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    * Each Kinza event is a private small group event organized by your guest at their private residence. As such, you understand that this is not a restaurant and you are not purchasing a dinner service. The price is simply your contribution to help the host cover the cost of the food and their effort.
    ** To ensure our hosts privacy, we will share the exact address after your checkout.
    *** If you have any food allergies (severe or minor) or you are allergic to any of the ingredients, please contact us before booking the dinner as your host may not be able to accommodate your dietary restrictions.
    **** As alcohol may be served at these events, only guests that are above 19 years of age are allowed. Alcohol is not included in the price of the dinner. Hosts may offer a glass of wine as part of their hospitality. Hosts are not allowed to sell alcohol to you. Please confirm with your guest if you want to know more.

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