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Secret Ingredient Battle Royale
Secret Ingredient Battle Royale
Secret Ingredient Battle Royale
Secret Ingredient Battle Royale
Secret Ingredient Battle Royale
Secret Ingredient Battle Royale

Secret Ingredient Battle Royale

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Have you ever wondered what it would be like to watch the home-version of a cook off, like Top Chef or Iron Chef? Now's your chance!

Melissa and Nefe will be cooking up a storm with a broccoli and chickpea battle in the spirit of Top Chef and Iron Chef. It will be an all vegetarian menu featuring broccoli and chickpeas and "secret ingredients" to be revealed moments before the battle begins.

Meet your host!*

Melissa is an omnivore who never met a vegetable she didn’t like. When she’s not making up her own recipes and condiments like flavoured-salts, hot sauces and preserves, you might find her at a cozy music venue or working on a DIY sewing project.  Melissa loves demystifying cooking and occasionally hosts food workshops to help build participant’s confidence in the kitchen. She’s curious about pretty much everything and everyone and dreams of running a bed and breakfast when she retires from her day job; until then, she’s plotting to host a few house-concerts in her living room.

Location: Downtown, Toronto - Near Bathurst and King Street West **

How it works:

  • Two teams will battle: 1. Team Nefe and 2. Team Melissa
  • Guests who want to cook will be assigned to one of the two teams by the host.
  • The host will supply the secret ingredient(s) that have to somehow be incorporated into the broccoli and/or chickpea dishes.
  • Guests may bring a secret ingredient before the battle begins, final inclusion as a secret ingredient is at the discretion of the host.
  • Each team will make a minimum of 3 dishes each.
What are the rules?
  • Each team must make a minimum of 3 dishes and do their best to use the secret ingredient with chickpeas and/or broccoli. 
  • All dishes must be vegetarian, at least one dish must be vegan.
  • Feel free to bring your musical instruments, craft projects, board games, etc.

* Each Kinza event is a private small group event organized by your guest at their private residence. As such, you understand that this is not a restaurant and you are not purchasing a dinner service. The price is simply your contribution to help the host cover the cost of the food and their effort.

** To ensure our hosts privacy, we will share the exact address after your checkout.
*** If you have any food allergies (severe or minor) or you are allergic to any of the ingredients, please contact us before booking the dinner as your host may not be able to accommodate your dietary restrictions. 
**** This event is BYOB.